About Kris von Sponneck | Stage Hypnosis

Kris von Sponneck – one of the UK’s  most experienced all round Hypnotists

  • Stage Hypnotist from 2000
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist from 2005
  • Stage Hypnosis Trainer from 2017

Having performed my Stage Hypnotism shows across Europe Hypnotising  literally  1000’s of volunteers, I have amassed an comparable knowledge on the topic in such a short period of time (over 20 years). Whilst Hypnotising mass groups, pop stars, the Queens Guards (UK) etc, I acquired as much feedback from as many volunteers as I could to facilitate an understanding on this fascinating topic. To master a true understanding of Stage Hypnosis will take many lifetimes. Hypnotising someone is just the easy part, I can help you with that and all the rest…

“That was brilliant” – Tove Lo

I’m very approachable, why not contact me now to discuss your Hypnotic goals…

About Kris von Sponneck | StageHypnosis.co.uk