About Kris von Sponneck | Stage Hypnosis

Kris von Sponneck – one of the UK’s  most experienced all round Hypnotists

  • Stage Hypnotist from 2000
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist from 2005
  • Stage Hypnosis Trainer from 2017

Having performed my Stage Hypnotism shows across Europe Hypnotising  literally  1000’s of volunteers, I have amassed an comparable knowledge on the topic in such a short period of time (over 20 years). Whilst Hypnotising mass groups, pop stars, the Queens Guards (UK) etc, I acquired as much feedback from as many volunteers as I could to facilitate an understanding on this fascinating topic. To master a true understanding of Stage Hypnosis will take many lifetimes. Hypnotising someone is just the easy part, I can help you with that and all the rest…

“That was brilliant” – Tove Lo

I am a professional Hypnotist that combined with the level of my clinical studies can claim to be one of Europe’s most experienced Hypnotists. What does this mean to you…1st class training.Stage Hypnosis training DVD with Kris Anthony

I consider myself a highly personable and approachable person, why not find out for yourself.  Just text me anytime to arrange a call to discuss your Hypnotic training needs. My number is 07776 062380.

Kris Anthony - Stage Hypnotist

I get great satisfaction from feeding my brain with new information on my specialist topic. Well, i’m a Hypnotist that specialises in Hypnosis and this knowledge is what i want to pass on to you.

I’m very approachable, why not contact me now to discuss your Hypnotic goals…

About Kris von Sponneck | StageHypnosis.co.uk