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About Kris von Sponneck

“That was brilliant” – Tove Lo

I am a professional Hypnotist that combined with the level of my clinical studies can claim to be one of UK’s most experienced Hypnotists.

Having performed my Stage Hypnotism shows across Europe Hypnotising  literally 1000’s of volunteers, I have amassed an comparable knowledge on the topic in such a short period of time (over 20 years). Whilst Hypnotising mass groups, pop stars, the Queens Guards (UK), huge events, small intimate performances etc, I acquired as much feedback from as many volunteers as I could to facilitate an understanding on this fascinating topic. To master a true understanding of Stage Hypnosis will take many lifetimes. Hypnotising someone is just the easy part, I can help you with that and all the rest…Stage hypnosis training | www.stagehypnosis.co.uk

A performer since the 90’s, in 2005 I gained further hypnotism training with world famous hypnotist Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler. An Equity member with many years in the entertainment industry, I am FULLY INSURED (not just public liability) stage  hypnotist that has mesmerised audiences for over 10 years. Experience and insurance is important if you want to hire a stage hypnotist.

With absolute safety in mind, I strictly adheres to the 1952 stage hypnosis act and any further government revisions passed. Striving to be the best stage hypnotist for hire there is, I am at home with the largest of corporate stage hypnotism events or a smaller, more intimate group.

Trust experience, don’t land up being someone’s guinea pig. Performing for companies such as the Hilton group, Ikea, Rover, in my travels I have even mesmerised the Queens Guards in 2009, a Stage Hypnosis show I will never forget. I have

About Kris von Sponneck | Stage Hypnotistperfected my craft in suggestion and I’m at home with the largest of corporate Stage Hypnotism events or a smaller, more intimate group. Highly personable, his mesmerizing show with his down to earth approach uses both his vast performing experience coupled with my knowledge of the human mind.

Some reasons why you should hire myself as your Comedy Stage Hypnotist:

• FULLY INSURED (not just standard public liability). This is a high premium add on insurance.
• Professional, SAFE, 100% reliable and a member of Equity (membership No.00262509).
• A performer since the 90’s, a professional Stage Hypnotist since 2004. That’s over 18 years and trained by the best in the business (including Paul McKenna).
• Has Hypnotised 1000’s including celebrities and notable people including the Queens Guards at Buckingham Palace .
• Your in SAFE hands as fully qualified as a therapist.
• ….and he is adaptable (see ‘show options’ section).
I am truly one of the leading stage hypnotists, comedy hypnotists in the UK, providing safe and professional comedy stage hypnotism and comedy stage hypnosis entertainment throughout the UK and beyond. So if you want to hire a hypnotist for your event, I am your No.1 choice for comedy stage hypnosis entertainment. Away from Hypnotising (which is rare), he is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer of Hypnosis and devotes his spare time to his youngest daughter Melanie.

Stage Hypnotist in action - www.stagehypnosis.co.uk

A corporate entertainer and wedding entertainer specialist, I will also perform at theatres, university functions (balls and fresher’s events, trade shows and high end private parties etc.

I consider myself a highly personable and approachable person, why not find out for yourself.  Just text me anytime to arrange a call to discuss your Hypnotic training needs. My number is 07776 062380.

I’m very approachable, why not contact me now to discuss your Hypnotic goals…


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For a theses written by myself in 2006 click the following link DOCTOR OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS THESIS 2006